Having some more time at hand I was able to add long overdue alterations to cookiecutter-r-data-analysis. I left my template alone for about a year and during this time I have developed some new practices and given up on some others.

Trying Atom

Just got back from Dornbirn and the paper is sent off for review. So I got some time at hand and can checkout atom again. My workhorse was vim - and although I generally feel empowered using it in larger projects I would prefer a more user-friendly organization.

New Project R Hugo Papers

I started the project R-Hugo-Papercss.

This is a template for the hugo static site engine. The purpose is to use its page bundle feature with generated content from R. There were small issues to make hugo write the relative URLs.

I also uses the papercss layout. It seems suitable for a private science blog as it reminds me on the Randal Munroes XKCD style.

By now feels complete enough to try out blogging.

Spring 2019

Some animal pictures from my garden to test content images.